7inch TFT display module 7inch LCD module 7inch LCD display panel screen module

ORC-T070036N-V01 is 7inch TFT display module;7inch LCD module;7inch LCD display panel screen module;Full viewing angle module,can be with touch screen.Resolution:800RGB*480;Brightness: 450cd/m2 Application:Car display screen,Patient monitor,Game machine,Fire alarm,Elevator,Running machine,Refrigerator,Washing machine,Dringking fountain,etc



   Name:7inch TFT display module 7inch LCD module 7inch LCD display panel screen module


  The ORC-T070036N-V01 is a 7inch TFT LCD module with 800 x 480RGB resolution. This LCD screen uses digital Interface (SPI) to communicate with the driver IC and has a IPS viewing angle. The single chip driver IC for this transmissive TFT LCD provides a full color display mode. The 7" LCD module includes a color TFT-LCD panel, a driver IC, FPC, and a white LED backlight unit.

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LCD Model No.ORC-T070036N-V01
Type size7inch
V.A Size154.08× 85.92mm
Outline Dimension164.9×100.0×5.7mm
Viewing angleIPS
Interface TypeDigital
EnvironmentOperating Temp.: -20 ~ 70°C Storage Temp.: -30 ~ 80 °C    
Touch Panel can  touch customized 


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