The reason and solution of LCD screen flashing?

2022-06-22 15:46:31

With the wide application of LCD in vehicle products, instruments and other electronic products, there will always be flashing screen in the process of use, thus affecting the use of customers, then this time how to do?

(1) the frequency of LCD screen itself is too high to cause the flashing screen.

But in real life very few because of high frequency caused device flash screen. According to industry technologists, People's naked eyes do not have a flicker sensation for images over 60 Hz, while the design standard for LCD screens generally falls within this data range, so under normal circumstances there will not be too high frequency of the situation, but at the same time do not rule out the screen itself has a failure. It is the fault of the screen itself after the test of the related instrument. Besides the replacement of the new monochrome LCD screen, the software related to the equipment is designed.

Solution: is to get the IC OSC frequency increase, look at the LCD screen flicker. Of course, if the LCD screen has a separate row and column drive, you can also adjust the settings of the drive chip.

(2) the frequency of LCD screen is close to that of light source.

This is a common occurrence. Due to the different frequency of different light sources, under certain circumstances, it is quite common for LCD screen to flicker when the frequency is close to that of artificial light source.

Solution: is an artificial light source or LCD LCD screen equipment, to avoid the occurrence of flashing screen.

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